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Local Chinese Food Restaurants for National Fried Rice Day

National Fried Rice Day is on September 20th, and we want to take full advantage of it with the help of some of our favorite local Chinese food places. While the day technically calls for fried rice, we think you’d be equally happy with any of the dishes on these menus!


Wong's Chinese Cuisine


Wong’s Chinese Cuisine has an online order option, and one of their fried rice types is Chinese sausage. We put these two facts together to paint a beautiful picture: you order a meal online that features Chinese sausage fried rice, and then you have it delivered directly to your door. They also do takeout, if you prefer to pick your food up yourself! 


Lucky Buddha


A quick ten minute drive from our apartment community, Lucky Buddha allows you to order online, and is offering both delivery and takeout right now. That makes it both tasty and convenient! They’ve got a huge assortment of noodle soups (perfect for when the autumn weather gets chillier, which we’re sure will happen eventually -- at least, we hope so), a gorgeous boneless roast duck, and, of course, fried rice with all sorts of different toppings. We’re hungry just thinking about it. 


AJK Chinese Cuisine


AJK Chinese Cuisine is the closest restaurant on our list today, only a seven minute drive away from the community. They’re currently solely open for to-go and pickup, and they have an excellent lunch special available. Their BBQ pork fried rice and vegetable fried rice are both great options for National Fried Rice Day, but they definitely have other kinds if you’d prefer!


We enjoy taking opportunities like this to highlight some of the incredible local businesses around us. Goodyear is full of great food, and we hope you take the time to sample some of it -- or make some delicious fried rice of your own at home!